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My husband had non small cell lung cancer and last july they took out his top right lobe. They decided on Chemo Taxol and carboplataim for 16 weeks. It was no picnic for him but with the drugs they give you now to ease any side effects really do work well.He did work during the chemo and on days that he felt tired he just worked from home. He did not do RAD because during surgery they had to resection his bronci tube and sleave it with fat so rad was not an option.What Stage was your wife at after surgery and had it spread to her lumph nodes?One thing I would suggest is that your wife have a port put in her for the Chemo. My husband didn't and it was very hard at the end to find good veins.Tell her she will have some good days and then some bad days but just because she feels good she must take any meds to deal with the side effects that creep up on her.Her blood will also be tested before every chemo session to make sure her red and white blood cells count is ok.If they are not that have great meds for that also and Chemo can go along as planned or she might have to miss a week.I hope I have helped and I wish you both the best of luck along with my prayers.

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