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Surgery for biopsy
Jun 13, 2006
well...things have changed. I saw a surgeon yesterday. They are going to do a thoracoscopy to get a biopsy. He told me it might turn into a thoracotomy if they see something. I am anxious to get this done and over with so I will finally know for sure. There was one problem, I have hyperthyroidism and I may have to get clearance from an Endo doc. The surgeon is speaking with my PCP today to find out how hyper it is. My PCP did not tell me about the blood tests for it because he has been focused on this lung thing. So, if I have to get clearance....well...more waiting.

I can't believe what a long road this has been just to get diagnosed.

I have my thyroid uptake scan today to find out about the nodules in my thyroid. Hopefully everything is okay there.

I know I have to quit smoking ASAP. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make it easier? I know I am going to have a hard time trying to quit.

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