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Jul 18, 2006
I have been reading this board for approx. 4 months. Sometimes I have found it to be very sad and not sure if it was a good thing that I keep reading the posts. But then I have learned many things from this board and it has helped me to cope some. I actually feel like I have gotten to know some of you through your posts. I have decided to become a member because I think I could use a little more than just reading the posts. Maybe some extra support. Following is my situation:
My mother was diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC with met to the brain in Sept 2005. Was a total shock to all of us. She was having some headaches (which we thought were due to her getting her house ready to sell) so she went to the dr and they sent her to the er room. Anyways, she was diagnosed. She had the brain tumor removed which went very well. She was home in 2 days. Then she had radiation for 6 weeks. After her radiation she started chemo (gemzar & carbo) for 6 weeks. She completed that in February 2006. When she was originally diagnosed her lung mass was 7 centimeters. After she finished chemo and was rescanned in February her lung mass was 5 centimeters and there was no evidence of tumors in her brain. She did pretty well through the treatment. Then her dr. started her on Tarceva. We were pretty excited about that because of what we had heard and read. She had broke out pretty bad from it so they lowered her dose from 150 to 75. Then weaned her up to 100. She had good days and not so good days but nothing extreme. Just lost of energy. She went for another scan the end of May. That scan was not as good. Her lung mass grew back to the 7 centimeters the brain still no evidence of tumors. The dr raised her tarceva back to 150 and scheduled another scan for 6 weeks. She will only be doing the lung scan. It has been decided to not do the brain unless she has symptoms. Well, she has now started to cough or clear her throat more often, her breathing has become worse. She gets out of breath very easily. The dr. had prescribed her an inhaler previously and she uses that quite often now. She has lost quite a bit of weight. I am estimating close to 40 pounds since this has started. She actually told me the other day that she weighed herself at home and if the scale is correct she has lost 16 pounds since the end of May. Her next scan is this Thursday and we will find out the results on Monday the 24th. I am very worried about this one. I think she is also very nervous. My mother turned 66 this year. Way too young for this to be happening. I also think my problem is that I may know too much. I work in the medical insurance industry auditing large dollar claims and we get many cancer claims. Also, my mother-in law died of lung cancer almost 4 years ago and I was one of the caretakers.
I need to apologize. This message is very long. I could probably go on forever. My mother and I are very close. We have always talked to each other at least 2x per day and seen each other often. She is not only my mother but my best friend. She is also my traveling partner.
Again, sorry for the lengthy message. I'm not sure what I expect from writing this but I think it has made me feel better.

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