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Thank you. Wow, 20 days apart, thats horrible, Im so sorry. ((big hugs))
It sounds like cancer runs thick in your family, as it also does in mine.
Actually, my grandparents raised me from 3 weeks old. Although legally only my grandparents, they're the best parents anyone couldve asked for, they're my parents regardless of any medical records etc. Im only 21 now, but feel like my worlds falling apart, like Im losing my past. Id give my life to have them back, or just to take away my grandpas pain.
I can understand the pain, some what, of losing actually grandparents. My other set is still here but doing rather poorly. Its hard to watch them suffer as well, but its the ones who raised me, my parents, that I cant stop thinking of.

Since he was diagnosed, we've watched as his health keeps getting worse and worse, one thing after another. Hes on over 30 different pills a day. Some for his cancer, some for diabetes, etc. He has 3 different types of inhalers too. A couple weeks ago, he had a big blood clot which moved up his leg into the groin area. Lucky they caught it in time. Fortunately, the chemo was very nice to him. He had a mild head ache, that was it.
His big tumor in his chest had shrunk last time we heard, but its the cancer on his brain that scars us the most. My grandma passed away due to 2 massive bleeds in her brain due to a fall. So unexpected...

Ive been trying to remember the happy times, but its the happy times that make it the hardest. Does that make sense at all?

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