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My mom choose Alimta over Taxotere when the Tarceva quit working . She was dreading going back on chemo and loosing the great quality of life the Tarceva had given her so faced her first treatment feeling a bit down but you know what? The quality of her life did not change except she had about a weekend of mild fatigue after each dose.She got the dose on Wed. By Friday she would be a little fatigued and by Sunday she would be doing fine again. The fatigue was not even a fraction of the fatigue the Taxotere and Gemzar or her Carboplatin and Taxol caused. She also did not loose any hair and her hair continued to grow in and most people did not even know she was back on chemo. The infusions were also a lot shorter.She was in and out in about 1 hr and went every 3 weeks, She did get Folic acid and Vitamin B12 while on it . She took the folic acid at home and got a B12 injection with the chemo which is standard with Alimita. She ate well and her blood counts were never in issue so for her Alimita was the easiest of the chemo drugs and the only better thing was that Tarceva.

As we know everyone is different and some people have had a difficult time with Alimita but in my mom's case she chose the right drug as it stretched the good quality of her life for many many more months. I pray it is as kind to you and does the same for you.

I understand the not wanting to loose your hair again thing as even at 80 that is what really bothered my mom. I think it is more then vanity. A bald head marks you as a cancer victim and when you look in the mirror and see that bald head it is a constant reminder to you. I know when I see a woman with a bald head I now think of it as a badge of courage . Yes the possibility of not loosing her hair was a huge deciding factor for my mom when she choose Alimita.

With my mom her CEA was a good marker for growth as when it went up the CT would show progression when it came down we had shrinkage. I know it is not always reliable with lung cancer but for my mom it was and her doctor used it as such.
Today is my dad's 83rd birthday and his first without my mom so I will be taking him to dinner tonight and bought a chocolate rasberry cake as the oven at his house is not working. I as going to attempt making a red velvet cake but oh well ! (and whew! , Kim would be able to make such a cake but I am not sure I could pull it off!)

Let us know when you start the Alimita so we can all send lots of prayers your way so the drug goes after and destroys those bad cells! ;) JanMarie

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