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Hello all. Just to remind you my dad, age 55, was diagnosed in Feb. with NSCLC Stage 3b. He had chemo (7 weeks) and radiation for 6 weeks. He went through all of this very smoothly, not really any side effects. After this first treatment, he went for another petscan, and unfortunately, the nasty cancer spread to the spine, his shoulder bones, and his adrenal gland. So...they started him 3 more weeks of radiation which he has finished for the horrible pain in his spine. They also started him on chemo - carboplatin and gemzar. He is also getting zometa for the bone mets. Well, needless to say, he is very down because of the bad news after the first 7 weeks of treatment. But, my question is: are blood transfusions normal for people getting chemo? He hasn't been able to get chemo for the last two weeks because his red and white cells are very low. He goes again on Monday for his bloodwork to see if the transfusions did the trick. If not, I suppose they will give him another transfusion. He is very, very, weak and pretty much feels horrible. Another question is: how long does it take for chemo to be out of someone's system? He asked his doctor this and the doctor said that it is out of your system on the next day. I don't believe this at all. My other question is: Would my father now be considered stage 4 since it has spread to the bones and adrenal gland? Thank you all for your help.

Peace and comfort,

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