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Re: My Mom's gone
Oct 30, 2007

I am so sorry for you loss and I feel your pain. Aug 97 the same day Princess Diana died I lost my dear dad to this dreadful disease. Only 6 weeks after being diagnosed. It devistated me and took 3 years for me to come to terms with his death. I joined a grievance support group which helped a lot. Fast forward to 2006 and another blow to my heart. My dear wonderful mom was diagnosed with diabetes in May 06 and then in July 06 she was diagnosed with Lung cancer. I had my mom for 5 more months and she died suddenly on Dec 16. She was planning a big Christmas family affair as we all knew it would be her last. She was out shopping and making plans for Christmas dinner and the roast she would prepare. She decorated the tree and wrapped all the presents. Then without warning she passed away at 3:30 on a Saturday morning. We buried her on Dec 22 and had the celebration she had planned on Christmas Eve. It was the hardest and saddest day of my life!

Every time I see a cigarette I think that is why I no longer have my parents. 60 years ago when my parents started smoking they did not have the warnings they have today. I just do not understand why kids today take up this awful habit which they will all come to regret someday but for many it will be too late. I have 4 children and 2 smoke and I have begged them to quit for me, their children and the grandparents they lost but as of yet neither has done so. One would like to but she just can't and the youngest (27) has no desire right now.

My parents always smoked in front of us and in the car so according to my Dr I am at risk. I will have a chest Xray every year for the rest of my life. I am the only one of 4 siblings that did not smoke. My 2 sisters have finally quit do to marrying non smoking men but my brother can't kick the habit. Though my sisters have quit and both are in their early 40s I know that this dreadful disease may still strike they some day.

I pray all my grandchildren will do the smart thing and never smoke. I was robbed of my parents way too early. My dad was 66 and my mother was 73. I belive they would both be here today if they had not smoked. My dad was never sick a day in his life. He did not know what a headache or a cold was. Never took an asprin. He told me the year before he died that he planned to live to be 100. I told him it would never happen if he did not quit smoking. 12 months later he was gone. My dad weighed 165 lbs when he went into the Air Force in 1951 and he still weighed 165 at 60 years old. He was 6' 1. When he died he weighed 120 lbs. I hope and pray I never watch another person die of this dreadful disease. :angel:

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