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Unfortunately there are very few happy endings with lung cancer. I lost not one but both of my parents to lung cancer. My dad in 1997 passed away 6 weeks after diagnosis. He also had an incompetant Dr with a terrible bedside manner. He eventually lost his license over another case. If you are unhappy with her Dr find another one.

My mom was diagnosed in July 06. Her breathing got so bad that we thought we would lose her that month before her 73rd birthday. We even had hospise come to see us. Mom decided she did not want to go through chemo but she also had emphysema and was on oxygen. We called the oncologist that she was supposed to see and convinced mom to keep her appt. That maybe they could at least make her comfortable. This woman was wonderful. She gave mom so much hope which she needed and told her the chemo would actually make her more comfortable. She gave her reason to fight. Mom had long hair and the Dr played with moms hair and really made mom feel like fighting.

Mom started chemo and we took her down to get her hair cut really short so the loss of hair would not be dramatic for her. She loved her haircut and said that was how she wanted to wear it from now on. Took her out to dinner and had a great time. Mom actually enjoyed going for her chemo treatments as it really helped her anxiety and she was able to breath so much better afterwards. Mom had only a few bouts with nasuea and never had any vomiting. Mom did well for 5 months and then caught a flu bug or something and passed away from pulmonary failure just before Christmas. We were so greatful for those 5 months as we thought we would lose her in July.

Mom had a good quality of life during that time. She went out to eat, shopping and to the Casinos. She was Christmas shopping just a few days before she passed away. I am so grateful that mom did not deteriorate and lose a lot of weight, lose her appetite, suffer in pain and become bedridden. The cancer had spread to her liver so we were so concerned about her suffering. I am not sure if your mom would have the same type of chemo. Everyone reacts differently but for mom it did give 5 more months with her children and grandchilden. She lived to see one more greatgrandchild born.

We never knew how much time mom had. We did not want to know and either did she. It was better that way. I pray for your mom and for you. This will be a rough road ahead for you. I hope you will all be able to have some quality time with her. You have to be her rock. :angel:

God Bless

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