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Re: Faith and food
Sep 25, 2007

I am so sorry to hear about the chemo being so brutal this time. My moms last chemo was Gemzar and Taxotere and it left her wiped out: However I do recall her first round was the worst and she was ready to say no more but she did not. The first round not only left her tired but she ached and had a very bad stomach ache, the later doses just left her fatigued and she and her recliner became best friends.

I can hear what you are saying about being on your own as I too live alone, my nearest family member is 120 miles away and that is my dad who at 83 would be no help and my brother and his family who were of little help to my mom who lived 1 house away so I know would be of little if any help to me. My friends all work and while they would do what they can I know I would be in the same situation you are if I got sick or even was injured. Thus I understand what you are dealing with and the thought of riding a bus when I felt ill does not make me jump for joy. Does your chemo center have any volunteer drivers? I know some have people that volunteer to drive people to and from chemo.

I don't get the feeling you are depressed but rather you are viewing the reality of your situation. Given what the reality is there will be up and down days and that is 100% normal. You are a strong woman and I can only hope if I am ever in your shoes that I too could be as strong.

Please know that even thou days may pass between my visits here that I do continue to think of you and send prayers your way.Hang in there, JanMarie

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