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Faith and food
Sep 22, 2007
Hi Faith, I have been reading your post's just now and I feel that you are beginning to feel defeated. It is most likely the chemo treatment they have you on, maybe your white blood cells are down hence you feeling so exhausted. I mean I know you have every right to feel worn down. I didn't realize it had spread to your liver and spine, cancer is like an alien just working it's way through a body making sure it gets a good hold. I feel you have been disappointed since your fall and you could no longer walk the distance you used to; and then the pneumonia; your cold and your hospital stay. Whew!! that is a lot for one person to take.

I feel sad because you live on your own - you need someone to be there for you, don't you think. I would imagine there is a fair amount of depression on top of the lot you already carry? Your positive energy has helped so many people on this board. One thing different for them however most had some family member with them for support and to assist them with things they could not do while going though treatment. On the other hand the people who have been the support system for their loved ones have also been worn down with worry, lack of sleep, not eating properly etc and you have been there for them to and them for you, they love you on this board. It would be so much easier for you if you had someone to be there for you and take you to appts, you must be exhausted just getting in the bus. Geesh, if I didn't live in Victoria BC I'd look after you till you got back up again.

As for food if you have a blender maybe blend up some protien powder, yogurt and fruit - maybe some pomogranite juice. Make a big batch so its handy. V-8 juice for your vegy's and you would have all the basis covered for nutrition. I have only smelled boost once when I had bought some for her and she wouldn't drink it - yukky poo.

I think about you often and when I don't see a post I worry that something is not going well, so it's been nice to see you back on board.

Bye for now

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