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Hi. It was a year ago Christmas. I felt fine but got a bad cold. Congestion and all left but had a bad cough.One day when I got into my truck the seatbelt kept annoying my shoulder on left above my clavical bone. Then I felt the swollen lymph node. Went to my dr. whom prescribed anitibiotics to see IF was just swollen gland from cold. But no, the gland stayed as was and grew some and I also still had the cough. Went to An Eye,Ear,Nose specialist. He ordered CT of area. Then decided to remove the lymph node. It came back positive for Adenocarcinoma of Lung. Soooooooo I was advanced already. It went from lung (right lung) up and into left clavical area. When I had my body CT done, it showed tumor in right lung, into left lymph glands, left axillary glands. Most recent scan came up with it moving to 7th right rib and right femur in leg. Just saw radiation oncologist on Thurs. He is going to do approx 10 treatments to bone. I am starting to get a lot of very bad bone pain. Hopefully this treatment will help that. The other radiation I had done was to neck area for trachea and bronchii and chest area. The radiation worked there. Thank goodness. I still have a cough but not as severe as it was and I manage to be able to do everyday things. I tire easy but I can do what I want. I want quality not quantity. I absolutely refused chemo. I for one do NOT want those chemicals in my body. To ME, and this is MY opinion, it just makes you sicker and prolongs nothing. MAYBE had the cancer been found early, I would have considered it, but not now. When it moved from lung, I was stage IIIB. With it in bone now I am stage IV. I feel fine. I take some vitamins and supplements. Fatigue caN BE A problem for me but I manage.
So that is how I discovered my cancer. I dont dwell on it. I live with it and am at peace with myself. I made my choices. I know I am terminally ill, so I live life the best I can and do what I can in my time left. I have a living will and have donated my body to science. I dont worry about every ache and pain. I know what is to come and take EACH day with whatever it brings. Everyone is different in how they cope and how their own bodies handle sickness. What is good for me, may not be for someone else.
I hope this helped you.

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