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My mother was diagnosed with StageIV Lung Cancer in 9/2006 at least that is what the doctors told my mother she had. She really didn't have any symptoms. One morning in Feb. 2006 she woke up and try to stand up, she felt like she was going to pass out, my father rushed her to the hospital. They ran some blood tests and they told her that she had vertigo and sent her home. Seven months later almost the same thing happened to her again, but this time she started seeing double vision and we noticed she was talking funny. My father took her to the ER again, this time the did blood tests and a cat scan of her brain which showed many tumors there. They did a chest x ray an didn't see anything, also she had a chest xray at her physical in 7/2006 and her doctor told her she was very healthy. They started radiation treatments right away to her brain, because they didn't like what they saw. Then they did a cat scan of her chest and found such a tiny lesion on her left lung and lymphnode. They really weren't concerned about that because it was so tiny. They also did a pet scan and one doctor said he thought he saw a spot on her ribs. The other doctor that came in to talk to her said there was nothing on her ribs. She started to have 6 months of chemo to her lung snd lymphnode. After her treatments were done her doctor did another scan and he said that her brain was clear and so was her lung and lymphnode. My family was very happy when we heard that news. Well not even being off her treatments for a week, she started developing severe pain in her jaw and that was on her left side. For over 2 months my mother suffered with severe pain, nobody could find out what it was in her jaw. Her oncologist sent her to the dentist, because he said that it could be her teeth. The dentist told my mother that she had osteocronosis of the jaw. He said sometimes people who take a certain type of chem drug could get this and it isn't curable. My mother went bacj to her oncologist and told him what the dentist said and he denied that he told my mother that. Her oncologist gave her a pain patch to wear, but that really didn't help. She kept telling her doctor that her jaw was numb too and he said that it lit up on the pet scan. He told her that not everything that lights up on a pet scan is cancer, he said that it could be inflammation. He gave my mother an antibiotic but that didn't help her either. My mother wound up having a massive stroke in May 2007 and was admitted to the hospital. While she was in the hospital her oncologist had an oral surgeon look at her jaw and he really didn't like the looks of it, so he told her to come to his office after she gets out of the hospital so he could do some scans of her jaw. Sure enough he found a massive tumor in her jaw. The only treatment that they could do was 15 radiation treatments for the pain and that really didn't help. Towards the end of those treatments she started having sever pain in her lower back. Her oncologist did another scan and they found cancer in her L2 and L3 My father had asked her doctor why didn't he see this on the other scans and he said it probably was there all along, but too tiny to see. He also said that the cancer was back in her chest and lymphnode again. My mother had more treatments for the pain in her back, but it didn't help. She actually was getting worse at this put, she had given up on her last 2 treatments. On Friday July 13, 2007 she was taken back to emergency room because she was severely dehydrated and she was hallucinating like crazy. They had put my mother on IV's. My mother was having a very difficult time going to the bathroom. They said that she had a urinary tract infection so they put her on an antibiotic. That didn't help her. So then they hafd to put a catheter in her. They kept that in her for a few days and then tried to remove it. They couldn't remove it because she was still having a difficult time going to the bathroom. As the days were passing by she really wasn't able to eat or drink anything, so they still had to keep her on the IV's and giver her morphine because she was in so much pain. They did a swallowing test on my mother too because I told the nurse at home she was having a hard time swallowing, I think that happened after her stroke. The nurse told me that her muscles in her throat weren't working anymore so that is why they had to keep her on IV's. Her doctor had seen my sister out of the hospital one day and he said to my sister that my mother was stable. Two days later he came to the hospital and told my father that my mother was lucky if she had 2 wks. left. We then got her transferred to an all cancer hospital. She had lasted for four days in the cancer hospital. She was on morphine by shots and IV's. It was so sad seeing my mother my best friend suffer the way she did. I am totally lost without her. I still can't believe that she is gone. She passed away on July 28, 2007, she was 70 yrs. old. I saw my mother every day. She had helped me with my 2 boys. Tjere is alot mor to this story, but I will be here writing for another 2 hours. I just feel that god always takes the good people. My life isn't the same anymore. I also lost my grandmother in Jan 2008, we buried her the day before my mother's birthday, but my grandmother was 91 yrs old.he had a long life. Thanks for listening to me vent.

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