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Hi, I am a 46 yr old female and I have had the most excruciating pain in my upper mid back/left lung area for a long time now. It started out as an annoying feeling like someone was sticking pins in my back - a few months later I was in hosp for 5 nights with pneumonia. The pleuritic type pain has never gone away but 3 chest xrays show it's clear?! It feels like a cross between a burning, twisting, deep gnawing pain that is just getting to the stage where it seems to be there all the time. Even codeine with paracetemol doesn't really help. I also have been getting recurrent hoarseness to the point where I can hardly speak!! That started again today & my back pain feels much worse. Last couple of days I have also had bad headaches, ear ache, a feeling of my neck being 'bigger' even though it isn't (don't know what that's all about!!!). I have had about 5 courses of antibiotics in the last couple of months as I had 'crackles' again in the left lung recently (now gone).

I don't like to keep bothering the doctor as I work at the practice & don't want to seem like a hypochondriac!! I have been in & out of hosp over the last couple of years for different things & feel like I'm being a real nuisance!
After the last clear xray my doctor, who is very lovely & caring I'd like to add, said that it must be muscular & I might just need to live with it so I daren't mention it again! It really doesn't feel muscular - it feels really deep & gnawing but perhaps I am being a hypochondriac!

I also have intermittent shortness of breath & days where I have absolutely no energy & just feel really awful. (I also have coeliac disease so am on a gluten free diet.)

As I am sat here the pain in my left lung area is getting worse & feels like someone is twisting a knife in my back!! My voice is very hoarse to the point where I'm practically whispering but I have no sore throat.

What should I do? I really want a CT scan just to put my mind at rest but don't want the doctors where I work to feel like I don't trust their judgement. Should I pay for one privately perhaps? Does anyone know how much they cost in NZ?

Any help or insight into what might be the problem would be very much appreciated:):confused:

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