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Two weeks befor Thanksgiving my Aunt (53 yrs old) was having bad back pain. She went to her Dr and he told her she must have pulled something at work, and told her to take a week or two off, and come back. Well, she could not wait that long and ended up going back. He then told her she has sciatica, which is why the pain was shooting down her legs. a week after she went to the ER because the closest thing to comfort for her was laying on her back, and not moving at all, even then she was in bad pain. ER took some X-Rays and sent her on her way.. The next day she went to another ER and they did the same thing. On Friday 12/17 She called my other Aunt crying because the pain was unbarable, and she was coughing, and couldn't breathe. My Aunt took her to the ER that she had originally gone to, and told them straight out that something was wrong and they needed to do something. The admitted her suggesting pneumonia. They performed a thorosentisis on her to remove fluid build up in the right pleural area of her lung. The test of the fluid yielded negative results for malignancy. A few other tests later, they confirm she has small cell lung cancer which has spread to her bones (the pain in her back and legs) she has a compressed fracture on her spine, and lesions on her chest wall. No one has been told anything as far as the stage the cancer is in. She Is on morphene for pain (every 3 hrs), and also has a "pain patch"? While I was visiting her with my father Christmas Eve, a Palliative care specialist came in and told us what he was, and that he was just making sure she was comfortable. From what I read a palliative care specialist pretty much deals with life-limited patients, correct? She has been in the hospital since December 17th. They told her today they would be transferring her to another hospital (45 minute away) to get the treatment she needs. They will be trying Chemo for 3 days, and sending her home for a few weeks where she will have to go to the DR for blood tests. Then she has to go back to get another 3 days treatment of Chemo. Is thEIR A GOOD Chance that this might help her? Or are they doing this to alleviate her symptoms? She can't talk long at all without gettin gout of breath. Even when on oxygen... We are all very scared/worried for her and just don't know what to do or how to act. It's all come on so suddenly.

Please be honest and tell me what you all think! Thank you so much!!!

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