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Jan and Ron
Jan 24, 2006
... I am glad to hear that things have been going ok as I said I think of you guys all the time and the fact we are all in the same positon as far as treatments for our loved ones.I pray that we are all given some more good times before the bad set in. ... (5 replies)
... You are so wise for being proactive and insisting on a CT Lung Scan. A CT Lung Scan is 6 times more powerful than xray and can detect a tumor the size of a grain of rice. ... (10 replies)
... I am happy to say that I just spoke to the doctor regarding my CAT scan and the nodules are clearly benign. ... (10 replies)

... to xrays i had a year ago, the nodule was not present a year ago. Anyway, I did call my doc the other day, and pled with her to not make me wait. She seemed to have "forgotton" my families heavy history of lung cancer. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Ashley, I am answering your question and concerns only because it all sounds so familiar. First and foremost, do not read into this more than you need to. I know from recent, I mean recent experience from all you are talking about. ... (5 replies)
... I am new here and frantically searching the Internet for information on lung cancer and its prognosis. ... (4 replies)
... ct scan. x ray in feb. did not detect it. I went to er because i was coughing up blood for several days.It was stage 1 .Because of location whole lung had to go to get all of cancer. Good luck Lenny. ... (6 replies)
... I am so sorry for the delay in getting back to you and was so happy to see Kris answer all the Tarceva questions for you. ... (15 replies)
Jul 18, 2006
... I have been reading this board for approx. 4 months. Sometimes I have found it to be very sad and not sure if it was a good thing that I keep reading the posts. But then I have learned many things from this board and it has helped me to cope some. ... (3 replies)
... So Smart LollyPat! Can tell you, have lived in some painful times! So sorry to begin with, I completely understand and i am your friend sweetheart if you want to talk....Some very very great words of advice. I wish I had used the boards when I needed to prior now. ... (5 replies)
... was having bad back pain. She went to her Dr and he told her she must have pulled something at work, and told her to take a week or two off, and come back. Well, she could not wait that long and ended up going back. He then told her she has sciatica, which is why the pain was shooting down her legs. ... (2 replies)
... but it helps. We are all only human and there is no shame in having bad days thru this ordeal. The key is to try to convince yourself, and especially your husband, that it is a fight that CAN and MUST be won. ... (46 replies)
Iressa (ZD1839)
Jul 17, 2001
... Glad to hear Terry will be given a chance to take Iressa. Gary is in middle of 6th series of pills. He has good and bad days, but is definately able to be out and doing more now than a year ago while on Carboplatin and Taxatere Chemo. ... (7 replies)
Lung cancer
Jun 27, 2009
... It is good to see that you can still smile and put your faith in God, your half way there now. I think that is half the battle. I try to do that everyday, though some days are better then others. ... (8 replies)
Lung cancer
Jun 27, 2009
... It is good to see that you can still smile and put your faith in God, your half way there now. I think that is half the battle. I try to do that everyday, though some days are better then others. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, i have read alot of the posts on lung cancer and i am terrified that i have it. I have been feeling nauseaus since last july on and off, i have also lost my appetite, to make matters worse i was put on reglan for six moths for the nausea and sufferd terrible side effects. ... (6 replies)
... just couldn't think. She was not able to do her job. The dr sent her to the ER. The reason she could not think was because she had a brain tumor secondary to lung cancer. We all were in shock. She had no symptoms of lung cancer. They also did a pet scan and she did not have cancer anywhere else. ... (15 replies)
... Unfortunately there are very few happy endings with lung cancer. I lost not one but both of my parents to lung cancer. My dad in 1997 passed away 6 weeks after diagnosis. He also had an incompetant Dr with a terrible bedside manner. ... (4 replies)
... like Annie said...I believe xrays are just first steps...they will not dx cancer but merely suggest a possible problem for further testing....and it is usually not till it is further advanced that it will show up on an xray... ... (7 replies)
... My husband had non small cell lung cancer and last july they took out his top right lobe. They decided on Chemo Taxol and carboplataim for 16 weeks. It was no picnic for him but with the drugs they give you now to ease any side effects really do work well. ... (8 replies)

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