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... I had a carcinoid tumor also but mine was in the center right lobe which was removed as well as some nodules. ... (7 replies)
... HIAA, Chromagranin A and a pulmanary function tests right away and then they schedualed surgery within a month. Because of the intensity of your Carcinoid Syndrome they would probably want to remove them even though they are small. ... (17 replies)
... I had carcinoid cancer and had my right middle lobe removed almost 3 years ago. Mine was 7.7cm and was estimated to have been there 7 to 10 years to get that big. ... (17 replies)

... That could mean the carcinoid is also in your intestines which is where it usually primaries. Would also explain why your carcinoid syndrome is so severe. With me they did the "pill cam" and colonoscopy to check my intestines. ... (17 replies)
... I had the Bronchoscopy done yesterday. They went into my lugs and stomache. The surgeon saw several places where there was suspicious things. He removed several tissue samples and sent them to the lab. That's all I know for now. When the surgeon went to the recovery room to talk to me I wasn't awake yet. I'm worried. Talked to the surgeon today and he said everthing... (17 replies)
... Hi, I meet with a surgeon on the 9th of Feb. 3 days after the next CT scan. The bleeding has stopped 100% today. But tonight while watching tv my ears and neck started burning. Then the side of my face. After my chest stsrted getting tight I checked my blood pressure. It was only 167/105. But it has been staying near perfect since my blood pressure medication was... (17 replies)
... I would definately get it checked out either way. Even bleeding ulcers can cause problems like anemia. Dave (17 replies)
... Today it has almost stopped. It is still there, but I think it is going to be completely stopped today? I spent almost the entire weekend in bed. Back to work tomorrow. I hope all the walking doesn't make it start again. If it stops, is it still a concern? I have no idea about this. I'm reading conflicting information on line. I just have to remain patient until I... (17 replies)
... I just had a bowel movement. It was very black. It was bleeding red when it sat in the flush for a few minutes. It's very black and tar like now. Three days ago I saw bright red? Now i'm really worried. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow morning. (17 replies)
... I wonder what I should be asking my doctor? Or what should I do? (17 replies)
... Now I'm afraid the lung masses are from my bowels? But according to my doctor, the CT scan didn't show any Lymph node swelling. My doctor told me he will get in touch with a surgeon right away. (17 replies)
... I'm on day three of blood in my stool. Around it and all through it? The sick feeling is worse. (17 replies)
... I'm very hopeful. The recent 5hiaa test I did came back with normal levels. Even though the four before did not. I am still exausted and sick all of the time, but very hopeful. Two more weeks to go before the ct scan. (17 replies)
... I coughed up blood occasionally in the last couple of weeks before surgery but they had attempted a broncial biopsy prior to that and I think the blood was from the tumor being aggravated from that.. Dave (17 replies)
... Hi, I did, but it was three months ago. It was only for two days. Then it stopped. But back in the summer, and for a few days here and there. But not very much. Not to be gross. But it was bloody pheglm. I was bleeding from the othe area too. Worse. That comes and goes. But it never stays long. (17 replies)
... did any of you cough up blood? (17 replies)
... Thanks, I'll post results as I get them. Thanks for replying. It's good to talk with somebody who knows... Dan (17 replies)
... They were found by accident. After having bad chest pains and having a cardiac cath. They did a ct scan to check my renal artery. That's when they were found. I am having another CT scan in three weeks. That is my 6 month mark since they were found. They will be checking lower in my abdomen this time. Maybe the pelvis too??? They haven't done any blood tests yet. I'll ask... (17 replies)
... Hi, I'm coming up on my 6 month repeat CT scan. The 5mm masses were found in one lung. I also have been tested for the 5HIAA 24hr urine test several times. Each time it has come back higher and higher. The last test was over four times the normal amount of what it should be. I am having chest pain. Very severe flushing and very high blood pressure. Even though I am... (17 replies)

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