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... worked in the coal mines so, his lungs are pretty bad now. You mentioned losing weight recently. ... (4 replies)
Lost my dad :(
Feb 11, 2004
... well i have been a reg reader of this board since april of last year when i first found out my dad had lung cancer i've shared many tears with you all here but have never written to this board.. ... (4 replies)
Symptoms ??
Nov 1, 2006
... The fact that smokers know their increased risk does not translate to additional health care or otherwise positively affect their health care choices. In fact, all statistics regarding lung cancers are skewed by the refusal of screenings by the smoking population that needs it the most. ... (24 replies)

... es the capsules. With Scott, he was being treated for walking pnuomonia, and did have pneumonia, but did not know that cancer was lurking behind it. This started in August of 2003. It started out with normal flu like symtoms, and then escalated to pnuemonia. ... (10 replies)
... I am so sorry to hear your story, unfortunately I have been in your shoes and you have a long road ahead. Please take one day at a time, it's the only way to get through. ... (13 replies)
... My dad is stage 4 lung cancer. It started with lung cancer, which he had chemo and radiation for. It spread to his brain. He had radiation. It's only been about six weeks. ... (7 replies)
... Hi I think to get lung cancer symptoms there usually are growths or tumours that's why people get coughs breathlessness exhaustion chest pain back pain Anxiety can cause all these problems and it can start from anything simply thinking we've got cancer can make symptoms aggrivated but as you say no one would know 100%. I suffer mild anxiety life events made that but I... (6 replies)
... I've been obsessing lately about Lung cancer, as I smoked for a number of years. I have back pain, but it's in the spine area... did anyone have back pain associated with Lung Cancer? ... (7 replies)
... They gave my mom meds that pretty much took care of any pain or nausea so we never did have to deal with any of that up until the final months when she had some pain and the morphine did away with it. ... (5 replies)
... Losing your mom is sooo hard in matter what... ... (5 replies)
... rays. When they finally diagnosed it in September after her having pain since January, it was STage IV. ... (11 replies)
... never any history of any lung issues before. ... (1 replies)
No avastin for mom
Jul 11, 2006
... My mom has not had any liver pain and her liver function tests are normal.It is really amazing how the liver can suffer major damage and still function. ... (9 replies)
... It turned out that the lump in her throat was cancer, a pretty large tumor that almost covered the windpipe. We'd had one question answered as to why my mum had so much trouble swallowing. ... (1 replies)
To Kimslos
May 23, 2006
... ting just now it might have be at one of my weaker husband is having a tough time right now. He is the type of person who will torture himself with pain instead of taking pain heartbreaking. You ask where I get my strength...I think most of it is from my husband... ... (2 replies)
... but lately my chest feels like it is tearing sometimes and very tender sometimes also my back hurts my dr says it can'tt be from the nodule because the nodule is too small .. I am so scared I have lung cancer.. anyone have any advise? ... (23 replies)
... She is 80 and until two years ago was in reasonably good health, except for allergies and glaucoma. ... (8 replies)
... I am not posting this to scare you as we all know coughs can be caused by many things. My husband started getting a cough and went to the doctor in Sept. 04 for his cough since I was so tired of him coughing and coughing. ... (2 replies)
I Am New Here Also
Jun 11, 2006
... Worrying is a very natural state, but it can also be hurtful to your situations. I smoked for 38 years when I had an annual physical in March and the xray showed a nodule in my right lower lung. Then a CT scan confirmed it was 1.9 cm X 2.0 cm. ... (5 replies)
... I just wanted to first thank you all for your prayers and comments. My husband was first diagnosed on in November 2005. He has already had 3 rounds of chemo. The largest turmor was 5cm and there were several smaller ones. ... (1 replies)

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