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Valley Fever?
Jan 31, 2007
... Do any of you know what Valley Fever is? ... (1 replies)
Valley Fever?
Jan 31, 2007
... Valley fever is a fungus contracted by inhaling spores that are carried in dirt in the air most often. ... (1 replies)
I'm very scared
Apr 19, 2006
... There is another fungal spore that can do what Valley fever does, to some extent. It's called Histoplasmosis and occurs in the Midwest. ... (11 replies)

... I haven't lived in AZ since 94 but the doc said my tumor was at least 7 years old but the VF probably had nothing to do with it. They do not yet know what triggers Carcinoid cancer except its not smoking and not genetic as it does not run in families. Dave (9 replies)
... Thanks for sharing your experience with Valley Fever. Do you think the Valley fever may have nade you susceptable to the lung cancer? ... (9 replies)
... Did you get the baseball size tumor removed? Do/did you smoke? How are you now? (9 replies)
... cold symptoms that never got better with meds. The only real cure from valley fever is to move away. ... (9 replies)
... By the grace of God, I think I have "dodged a bullet" but the VAlley Fever can have it's own problems. ... (16 replies)
... I am a 21 year old female and I am having thoracic surgery in a couple of weeks to remove my left upper lobe of my lung due to a nodule which was formed from valley fever. I was on fluconazole for about 2 years which shrunk the nodule but never fully made it dissapear. ... (5 replies)
Diagnosis issues
Aug 14, 2014
... Hi All, My Journey started a month ago today.....thought I was having a heart attack and when they xrayed my chest they found a mass. A needle biopsy was done and came back negative. Then I was sent for a PET CT Scan and that showed a nodule 1.3CM in my left upper lobe and that the needle biopsy missed the mass. So I had a bronchoscopy which was also negative BUT they... (0 replies)
... Now, they've done tests for Valley Fever and Sarcoidosis and I'm waiting for the results. It may be longer to get them because of the holiday coming up. ... (10 replies)
... at is 8 months apart. I have Lupus, so it could be an inflammatory thing. After the PET scan, to rule out cancer, the next step would be a biopsy. I wonder if Valley Fever could be another possibility because I live in central California. ... (10 replies)
... cm mass and thats why I am worried you might have it elsewhere also but hopefully it isn't. I had symptoms for years but they kept misdiagnosing it as Allergies, Valley Fever, anxiety disorder etc. It was the Carcinoid all along. ... (17 replies)
Shall I wait?
Jan 3, 2009
... ddle lobe. I had been having bronchitis a lot but the Docs had blamed that on allergies causing sinus infections that traveled to my lungs. One Doc thought I had Valley Fever. Turns out it was carcinoid cancer which is fairly rare in the lungs. ... (6 replies)
Jul 20, 2008
... ways felt like I had a cold the rest of the time. Because I was a life long non smoker non of my Doctors thought it could be cancer. I was misdiagnosed as having Valley Fever and allergies and they blamed the IBS on my high stress job. ... (7 replies)
... ng a abd ct and then they recommended I see a pulmonologist. I did and he did a chest ct which showed a 9mm non calcified lung lesion. He said it was most likely valley fever or something and did blood work. All came back negative and he said he did not know what the cause was yet. ... (2 replies)
Apr 18, 2008
... here at least 10 years. I had symptoms of Carcinoid Syndrome for years and chronic bronchitis though I never smoked and the Docs all told me it was allergies and valley fever until it was found by accident during a CT scan looking for something else. ... (7 replies)
... ungs. I had a carcinoid tumor in my right lung that went mis diagnosed for years and I had many of the symptoms you have. I was told I had allergy problems, IBS, valley fever etc. By the time it was found by accident the tumor was 7.7 cm and I ended up having a lobectomy to remove it. So far its staying away. ... (6 replies)
Ct scan
Oct 4, 2007
... For years I had chronic bronchitis and random chest pains. I was always told it was either allergies or valley fever causing it all. I am a lifelong non smoker, It turned out to be carcinoid cancer which is fairly rare and as cancers go its slower growing. ... (6 replies)
Just wondering
Aug 30, 2007
... For me I had symptoms but since I was a lifelong non smoker thats avoided 2nd hand smoke like the plague none of my docs ever thought to look for lung cancer. I had chronic bronchitis, chest pains that came and went (directly over where the cancer turned out to be), and allergy symptoms even though all the allergy tests they tried were neg. They blamed it all on "valley... (9 replies)

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