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Bronchiectasis ?
Apr 14, 2015
I was recently diagnosed with Bronchiectasis! Most of the symptoms apply to me except coughing up phlegm! My cough seems dry and non-productive. I was sent to a Pulmonary Doctor and he ordered a CT scan and ex ray to come to this conclusion. I've also done a Pulmonary Function Test. Treated for a month with prednisone and a rescue inhaler. Now on Montelukast Sodium Tablets daily. Not sure how I got this disease! I quit smoking 15 years ago and I'm 58 now! He said this condition is not developed from smoking! He said its a symptom of another condition! What condition? Took blood test for Lupus - negative for that! I still have a rattle sound right below my throat in my lungs. Shouldn't it have gone away by now? I've had allergies, bronchitisis, ans sinus infections at least twice a year fo a few years now! Should I get a 2nd opinion? I'm feeling scared and a little depressed!

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