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I am a 23 year old male, 5'10, 180lbs, (smoker, cutting down planning on quitting) former drug user, who in the past few months has had an arrary of symptoms skyrocket - quickly. I am also very stressed and have anxiety quite often.
I have a history of costochondritis, apirated pneumonia (I choked on my vomit), and I also have hepatitis C, though I'll be treated soon and it isn't at a fatal level.
I am told I have bronchitis every time I seek medical attention, and I had a CT scan done recently which availed to nothing but the same diagnosis. I try to "debunk" the possibilities of certain illnesses off of the strength that I am fairly young (Cancer, COPD, etc.), but lately, my symptoms and my overall state of being have seemed so poor, that I couldn't imagine myself in ten more years. Please allow me to list them out;

Deep, Hoarse cough - Sounds like it is almost coming from my diaphragm.

Chest pain -radiates all over, stretches to my back, but the past few days it has been mainly localized to my right breast, shoulder, and it sometimes feels like it is stretching into my upper arm. Also, it is tender to the touch by my breast, and there is a stiffening of muscle (so it seems.) I was diagnosed with costochondritis years ago and put no thought to it other than to stop smoking, but even then, my chest didn't actually HURT WORSE when I touched it.

Coughing up brown mucus - This I believe is from smoking. There is never any red blood in it.

Tremors - I've been having shaking and muscle spasms the past couple weeks.

Tinnitus- my ears have been ringing much more lately.

Numbness and tingling in my feet, blue veins showing in my feet - This is what is scaring me the most. And it seems to be in my right foot predominately. I also have little red veins popping up in different spots on my body, which can be associated with liver failure. However, I saw my GI doctor for my hepatitis C treatment, and he told me that I am not in liver failure and wouldn't need to stress that for at least another decade. The numbness and tingling is reminiscent of Peripheral Vascular Disease, which is scary! Could someone so young get that?

Fatigue. I am only up about 8-10 hours out of the day because I am always so tired.

Higher than "normal for me" blood pressure - My blood pressure usually ranges in between 120-30 / 60-80, but recently it's been climbing, with my systolic (top number) the highest. My record so far is 149/86, which isn't terrible, but still scary granted I'm only twenty three.

Recently my labwork was drawn and the only abnormality was that my platelets were a very tad low, almost unnoticeable, and my white blood cells were a bit high. I also have had a swollen gland on the left side of my neck for years, since I was a little kid.

Is cancer unlikely for somebody my age? Even if I smoke the way I have? I used to smoke A bunch, from the time I was 16, until. well, now. But I've cut down and don't even come close to a pack a day. The kicker is, I don't have much money so I smoke cigars, rollies, etc. And I inhale. I know I need to quit smoking.

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