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It's a long story, also I do have anxiety but I am not and cannot cause these symptoms. I am 5ft9 280 lbs if that helps.

September of 2016, I started feeling a strange rattle, went to walk in and she said my lungs were full. It seemed to go away. That winter I got sick but wasn't in my lungs. This entire time my right arm is always so weak and when I use it the top aches and across my chest and it tires quick, this has been said to be from excessive cellphone use. In May of 2017 I was getting a crackling noise one night when laying down upon exhale . Was first told bronchitis and it got worse but I never felt sick really. Then I was told pneumonia based on chest x-ray. Next x-ray was clear my doc said but still had a wheeze was sent for breathing tests to humor me which I passed. Then a month later was told I had bronchitis again by my doctor. Two months ago he said I had bronchitis again. Upon my most recent visit I was told my lungs are clear and he told me to stop worrying. But each night when I sit down and I breathe deep on my left side there is a strange gurgling sensation, some times it feels like a clicking is as best as I can describe it. Some mornings when I wake up I have that crackle in exhale but it does go away throughout the day. I smoked from 18-recently. I am truly scared. Everyone in my family says it's nothing and my doc too but what else can I think. I also get chest tightness and pains in my chest at times. I have two children and everyday and terrified that I will be dead soon.

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