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Hi i dont know too much about the fever you are talking about but everything else i do.I also have chest pains and tightness in my back(upper)and chest(almost 2 years) and for the past 7 months the feeling of something in my throat.I dont know what the hell is going on but as of right now no doc has giving me an exact cause,however (i was also told gerd)the prilosec after about 3 months seemed to help with the throat fullness thing as for the chest and back i was givin 4 xrays in 2 years all fine had a stress test had blood work and the only thing was my pulmonary function test for my breathing came back showing some obstruction doc thinks mild asthma but i think not the inhalers never worked for my breathing,i dont know what else to do i think when i get extra money (no insurance)i will ask for a c-scan of my chest.Oh and my new doc thinks the upper back aches and tightness are muscle or nerve related but than explain the breathing???So i really dont know i could go on and on but i wont.Get yourself back to docs and ask for a cat scan of your chest I dont know how old you are but did they check heart too?Let me know what happens and what doc says cause i know what your going through..Savanna

Also went to ENT had him look down my throat with mirror and light he saw nothing and also had barium swallow he also thinks gerd

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