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[QUOTE=eilrash;798731]My dr. recently found an 8mm nodule in my left lower lung that is plural based that is non calcified, but fairly symetrical in shape. She feels it was caused by exposure to histoplasmosis (i live in the south). I have to get another CT scan in early march to determine if the nodule is growing. IF so we will take other steps then. Has anyone been exposed to histoplasmosis or have a nodule like this? She tells me not to worry, however it is kinda strange having this in my lung and it being "ok". I have been to two doctors now and they are both telling me not to worry, but are not offering anything other than sitting and waiting for another ct scan in march. Isn't there anything else that can be done or other test that they can do to make sure it is not cancer. I'm somewhat worried because the nodule is not calcified. Any suggestions???[/QUOTE]
Hi, I have just had a CT scan for my heart and they also did a total chest ct and discoverd a 8mm noncalcified nodule in my lower left lung. I also live in the south. Just wondering what you found out. they told my to wait 3 months and have another. I am really worried and don't know what to do except wait. Dont think I can stand thinking about this for 3 months. Please let me know what else I can do

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