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Lung or back?
Jan 8, 2004
Hi guys i may have asked this before but im really getting worried i have had breathing probs for 2 years doc said anxiety but i made him the pulmonary test it showed i did have some obstruction i went back used an inhaler and my numbers got alittle better after that however my doc still was not convinced i had asthma (neither was i )because i never had a cough or any weezing but told me maybe mild asthma or mild emphysema.The inhalers never worked for me and my problems were breathing in not out.Anyway the last 9 months my back has been aching and sometimes i get a pain when breathing around my left shoulder blade just below it,I also get the aching in my back when i start walking or jogging (in my upper to mid back)it seems right where the lungs should be.Some one told me if lung prob i would be feeling it in my chest not back...How come then when you get the flu which is a lung virus your main symptoms are back aches?????I too seem to have bad posture and when i was young was told i had slight curvature,but i do not know,could that be my prob or lung???Also i have some numbness it that area of my back (shoulder blade)sometimes too and i am only 30....

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