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[QUOTE=moley]...What are some things you can recommend that help to heal--more sleep/rest/exercise/fluids/ anything else? I have low blood pressure too. Thanks for any advice or info![/QUOTE]

Hello Moley,
I am following doctors orders and have an appointment w/a pulmonologist monday to follow up for the pleurisy. At present, am in relapse from the first episode in mid February. I thought I was getting better then boom, it hit me like it never left. I'm taking Advil 2 or 3 every 4-6 hours with 1 or 2 8hr tylenol and have limited bending and those types of movements and motions that make the pain worse. I where 6" wide ace bandage wrapped around the chest and it seems to be giving me some relief. I had taken it off for a couple hours yesterday and the pains became worse again so I was wrapped up again. I do force a cough to keep the airway clear and breath deeply in between the pains.

It took a few weeks the first time to feel better then boom relapsed like it never was better but this time its the left lung, in February it was center and both sides, every which way. Anyhow, the ace bandages, advil and holding a pillow to my chest at night proped up in bead helps. If I lay flat I have trouble breathing so I sit up mostly. This morning I was trying to make the bed and I was having trouble with that because of these pains and I just cried. I needed help doing that simple chore. I hope the doctor can help with this. If this is long term, I will lose it.

If you have pleurisy its a symptom that something is going on so should get it checked out. Feel Better, Gemi

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