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Have been reading past posts on lung symptoms and the closest one to what I think I have is pleurisy. A severe sharp pain like a knife going into my chest directly under the left breast that increases when breathing in (so when it happens I take as small shallow breaths as possible until the pain stops.) It has only happened a half dozen times or so in the past 2-3 years and each time lasts no longer than 5 to 8 minutes or so. And in between those episodes I feel the same pain in the same area but to a much much lesser degree. Most days it's pretty subtle, other days a little more pain (still quite tolerable) then the strongest ones that I dread. I tend to get upper respiratory infections once or twice a year that I stubbornly fight off myself with extra sleep and fluids (I always think that by the time I go to the doctor for possible antibiotics I'm probably on my way to getting better anyway--I worry how they are overprescribed.) And my mom has rheumatoid arthritis (she had some sort of operation that replaced her pinky joints and they don't bend now) and I've had some milder symptoms of arthritis for a while.I read posts here that those things can cause pleurisy. And that if you don't treat it it can cause tissue scarring. FINALLY coming to my questions!: I'm thinking of going sometime in the spring to have it checked out. 1. Should it be a pulmonary doctor and a CT scan? But in the meantime besides Advil ( I read that on this board) 2. does some type of exercise help or is that not a good idea until it is healed?( Don't know if I want to take the pleurisy herb mentioned.) What are some things you can recommend that help to heal--more sleep/rest/exercise/fluids/ anything else? I have low blood pressure too. Thanks for any advice or info!

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