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[QUOTE=byrdwoman]I have been on steroids and currently on medrol.
I don't know what i should have them test for. I had some pulmonary test done it showed that i had some obstruction. Thatís where i was on my way to get a full pulmonary test done but i didn't make it to my appt. I went to the ER instead. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.[/QUOTE]

If I were you, I'd reschedule the follow up appointment to complete the full pulmonary function testing you missed and take it from there. Ask him questions. If he thinks it's something else, he will refer you. Since this thread is about pleurisy breathing maybe you could re-post your post to start a thread about it so that people will see it and offer help.

When I described what I was experiencing, the doctor called them spasms and directed me to see a neuro (I see one next week). She is sending me to a neuro for the spasms not the pleurisy, The pulmonologist takes care of pleurisy.

To clarify, the spasms and pleurisy are two separate issues that in me, happen to be overlapping. I spasm in different parts of the body and recently they have become worse, stronger, worse pain and in new places (rectal spasms, eye pulling in etc, muscles literally bulge, muscles pulling...). My eye crossed so, a concern is, what if I'm driving and that happens again? Could it stay that way? Rectal spasms that cause constipation or the opposite, these are places I can't fix. What ever the cause, it needs to get managed. Itís at that point.

Pleurisy is not about spasm, it's inflammation of the pleurae, a symptom. It hit hard in Feb, came back in March and now again April. Had brief warnings in Dec. I realize this is something that's going to happen until whatever is causing it stops.

Last night the pleurisy pains started up again, I wrapped, heat & took nsaid. If the breathing gets tougher to do, I'll go as a walk-in at the pulmo office, if it stays manageable I'll wait for the appt next week. It's easier to breath when sitting upright.

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