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Im going through somewhat the same thing. I have a appt. w/ a pulm. specialist weds. Finally. I get short of breath and feel tight in my chest. When i get a major attack when my bronchial tubes feel like there closing i notice that i get hoarse and my voice is crackly. I can't talk well. It hurts to take a deep breath most of the day and then a few times a day i get real short of breath. I have been through a run around with doctors. I first got a virus that went right to my respirtory. None of my asthma meds help to open my airways during the tightness and shortness of breathe. Im so confused and frustrated. I just hope this pulmonary doc can get to the bottom of it. I have been shuffled around for 2months. I had a referrel to a pulm doc 1mo ago and it got denied, because they felt i was just having a bad attack. So i did what i hate to do and filed a grievance towards the hospital. I feel like i have a obstruction or something. Do you think the pulmonary doc will be able to at least find out what the problem is. I have been seen in the ER 3 times in the past 2 months. Each time they were looking for asthma related problems. Like oxygen levels, and peak flow. By the time i got to the hosiptal of course the attack is manageable. I am on enough anxiety meds for the attacks to not be there if it is in fact anxiety or panic attacks. i would like to hear from anyone that has been through a similar problem. I just hope after all this time and suffering i will finally find out what is wrong with me. What will a pulmonary doctor do? Please give me any of your experiences.

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