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I had pleurisy in feb and 2x after so with that it hurt a lot to breath, would get better then come on again, get better, come back. The pleurisy pains come and go, kick up then calm down. I thought it would have been gone by now but it's sticking around. I've been taking prilosec does not help relieve that gassy feeling at all, I wish it was that.

Before those pains would start up, I get this fullness need to burp gassy feeling that would not stop, but it's not gas, like a dog is sitting on upper chest, when it was bad, it's hard to catch my breath, had pains going up both sides of neck to deep in the ear. It's crazy. Thought the medication was causing troubles so stopped taking it. A month later all this started up. I had warnings in December and figured I had to wait until something showed up long enough. Well this has and it's not leaving me. Theres shortness of breath and when that's acting up to bend down to pick something up seemed to take a lot out of me, would go to the window for air but it did not help, just resting did I guess. When that happened I knew something is not right. Been waking up in the middle of the night with pains that go from the side of chest to shoulder, elbow with pain in top of hand into fingers. It's happening left and right.

Aches and pains and shoulder pain would not normally concern me because I have bursitis so have considered it due to that. I've even thought maybe this was muscle spasm or something along those lines. Last night the pleurisy pains started in again. The appt is thursday but it feels so far off, I want it done so they can help me out. Its the pain, breathing and feeling so tired. Doing simple chores is difficult.

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