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Hi bill, i am sorry to hear you are having problems. I too am going through a similar thing as well. So i will try to give you some insight. I too started having an abnormal amount of phlegm, which was bloody for about a week. Generally very brown though all the time. Very very tired and weak, loss of appetite as well. This all started back in beginning of march. Went to doc and got x-ray which was clear. Given z-pack and sent home. Well that didnt sit right with me so i got a second opinion from a pulmonologist who deals with this sort of stuff. He did a cat scan which revealed some density in lower right lobe. Said he was treating it like pneumonia. Once again given meds and sent home. took them but i still dont feel right. I went back last thursday (19th april) for a repeat cat scan. By this time both of my shoulders hurt as well as my back and hands tingle altho my left is worse than right. I also have scoliosis so sometimes its hard to tell if its that or if it part of whats going on. But it hurts back to breathe in deeply.
I am still hacking up the phlegm, chest pains, shoulder pain yada yada.
Got results which stated i had unspecified infection/inflammatory of right lung which had started to clear up although i dont feel cleared up. I am also short of breath but i have been for many years now. I have begun to get used to the shoulder pain and weakness although it is irritating.
It is a good idea to go right to a pulmonologist. It could be a number of things so i dont want to lead you into thinking its one thing or another but i wanted you to know my story becasue its so similar to yours. They also found a 4 mm nodule....dont know the details on that yet though. Observing it for now.
The real pisser is that x-rays dont always show things, therefore i dont have much faith in them. Most likely a pulmonologist will put you through the whole battery of tests such as sinus checks, breathing test, possibly cat scan, blood work. It gives you a better sense that things are being done to diagnose you rather than an x-ray and boom thats it.
If you are having a hard time sleeping at night such as i have been you can ask our doctor for an anti-anxiety prescription that has sleep aid in it. I have been so stressed and tired that i no longer could operate, and these pills help it out a bit. But of course thats entirely up to you.
You never said if you have allergies or and lung disorders, smoker etc. Please for your own health get checked out by a pulmonologist, if anything so you dont stress out. Take some otc pain relievers for your shoulder and back pain, advil works good. I wish you the best of luck and make sure u update!!
Yeh, our situations seem very similiar.. They told me I don't have any infection because it didn't show up on the blood tests although it seems like some kind of infection/inflammation to me. And yes, I have a lot of allergies and I do smoke although I've cut down a lot.. I will go to a pulmonary like you suggested..
The pain I have in my back and arms is very minimal.. Its more of a funny feeling and as I said it feels like my whole left side is weaker than my right and thats the same side the lung hurts when I take a deep breath.. Thanks so much for the response. I've done so much research on lung disorders and the possibilities are endless as to what it is because the symptoms are very uncommon. (especially the weakness specificaly on the left side)

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