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I am trying to determine whether I should see a physician. I have had a cough for about 5 weeks. The cough produces trace amounts of yellow phlegm in the morning. The cough, however, does not produce any phlegm until about 40 minutes after I wake up, then, the cough will produce small amounts of phlegm for about 3 hours and then subside for the rest of the day. I sometimes hear rattling in my esophagus region during the day. Initially, I had what I thought was a cold, which seemed to last for about a week. During this “cold,” I experienced some sinus congestion. I assumed that the cough was part of the cold and would go away, but it hasn’t. I have been using Sudafed with Pseudophedrine, but it hasn’t helped with the above described cough. But I do usually wake up with one of sinuses stuffed, which usually opens up about 5 minutes after I wake up. I have experienced no other symptoms (e.g., fatigue, fever, chills, etc.). The cough did seem to be getting better, but now it seems to have to reached a plateau. I am not really a smoker, but during this last summer and during the cold, I was consuming cigarettes in spurts, possibly 3 or 4 in a two hour span and then no cigarettes for a few days. My self diagnosis is acute bronchitis, which from what I understand, does not respond to antibiotics. Any thoughts?

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