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Hey Ann & Peggy, I am doing o.k. I haven't thought about checking the boards. I don't get the board replies in my email anymore. I don't know why they stopped coming to my email. I have had a terrible month. I lost my brother who had lung cancer on November 13 and we buried him on November 16th. The 16th was his birthday and he would have been 59. It was a total shock that he died so quickly. He lived 52 days after being diagnosed with lung cancer. He had tried for 7 or 8 months to get a diagnosis and the doctors he was seeing kept telling him they could find nothing wrong with him. When they finally gave him a diagnosis (which came from an ER visit by another doctor who did a ct scan) the cancer had already destroyed 3 of his ribs. The ribs were completely gone and they could not be seen on the xrays. He suffered greatly with pain for months. Well to make matters worse, my only living brother who was 61 on December 6th died of a massive stroke on December 16th. So I lost my 2 brothers in one month. I guess you know now why I haven't been to the boards.

I have had a few chest pains this week and these are the first pains I have had in several months. Today was the last day of my meds. I am worried that the docs are taking me off of the meds too early. I see the lung specialist Jan. 24th.

I hate it that you both are having problems. My lungs seem better but I feel like my body is going down hill quickly. I have had back problems since Sept. 23. Some days I cannot even straighten my back for several minutes. I have osteoporosis so I assume it has something to do with that. I have been seeing a Reflexologist for this pain. She helps me more than any doctor has. I saw a nurse practioner and she prescribed a few muscle relaxers and told me to see an orthopaedic doc.

My father will be 92 on Feb. 16th. I wonder how he managed to make it to this age without having any bad health problems. I had hoped I had his good health genes but I am beginning to wonder now with all the aches I have.

Have a Happy Blessed New Year! Stay Healthy.


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