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Hi again all..
want to thank you for the info and advice that you had all given before
It is going on 3 months now of this cough and phlegm problem for me.
I went to my doc a couple weeks ago and he put me on the higher dose of antibiotics and Prednizone.....i went on holidays and the meds. ran out while i was a way.....a couple days after the prednizone was finished the cough got worse...and moved back to my head.
I was so sick with it....and now can feel the phlegm coming from the back of glands are swollen and so sore too...
so i couldn't get into see my doc so i went to the walk in clinic and the doc there said my chest was sounding clearer and was mostly now from post nasal drip....
I am finding the phlegm a lot thicker and the color has changed...more yellow...very hard to move in up or down ( so gross!!)
he put me on coactifed cough tablets.....they do a bit of everything including make me very tired....has codiene... :yawn:

now i am this it? Will it move out of me now?? The medication has really helped with my coughing but not with the phlegm...
I don't want it to move back down to my chest...
can it do that...again??? :confused:
i am still getting a lot of chest pain too...and the shortness of heart beat....

i am really sick of being sick!

thanks for listening

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