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Feb 19, 2005
Hey all,

About a month ago, I got diagnosed with pneumonia. I stayed in hospital for about 8 days, and after using rulide and augmentin showed "some thinnning of the infection." Since then, I have been scaring myself stupid to think that my infection might still be there. (I mean panic attacks and things) I went to the doc, and he said I was still wheezing. Then he prescribed Doxsig, just in case and Symbicort becaUSE i HAVE A history of asthma (but I haven't had it in about 6 years).Today, I feel like there is moisture in my chest (humidity is high.) I have been trying to make myself cough, but the only stuff that has been coming up has been white or very pale yellow. I feel hot and feverish (even though I never did with pneumonia) and get cold chills at night. What do you think? You hear all these nightmare stories abiout people drowning in their own fluid, or dying from pneumonia. What should I do? I see the doctor for anxiety on Thursday. Could I still have an infection? Has anyone else found this>?

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