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I am so sorry to here about your mom. Boy I can relate like you canít believe. I have lost Mom, Stepfather, uncles and others to Emphysema or some type of lung disease wile not giving up smoking. I wonít candy coat it as you asked. I agree with bella214 totally!!! All 4 cases I witnessed were bad or worse. Emotionally we are having it bad and they attack everyone even while we are hurting. The sweetest nicest people now saying the meanest and most hurtful things and faces. I think it may be a reaction to the steroids they use too at times. I donít know one person in my life who has not said it was the hardest thing watching someone go out like this. I seen people continually go back and forth to the hospital and be put on respirators for a day. Next time for 2. Later have tracheotomy and finally need to be put on Oxygen volumes that only Hospitals can supply. Now they may wind up going to a nursing home they never wanted because they have become dependent on that level. If not WHO pulls that plug or watches??? Now everyone is fighting with the line on what life support really is drawn. It seems so darn easy for everyone to mention I donít want life support long before and itís over just like that. As it unfolds though, believe me it gets very weird. This thing can drag on for a long time. One day they go in and both you and they may at that time say NO SUPPORT. Doc says O.K. we will keep you thru tonight on nothing and tomorrow if your still here we will release you. Or say then you need to get discharged now but you may not make the ride home. Everyone is scared. Patient too. This is it. Family wont let go either so they say O.K. respirator for one day only. Next trip 2 days only and feeding tube one day. And so on every time. This is what really can happen.
God bless and good luck.
I am so sincerely sorry

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