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Coughing up blood is not good, but there are some non-serious reasons why it may happen too.The blood could just be a result of a chronic cough, or something more serious like pneumonia. He definitely needs to find access to health care. I'm sure a doctor would want a chest x-ray, and depending on the description of the blood, he would probably want to check for blood in the stool.
I guess the problem is getting him to realize that if he doesn't take care of himself, no one will. There will always be lawn care jobs out there. Maybe if he took a lower paying job that came with health benefits, like an entry level job with a larger company, and then waited until his health care kicked in, he could get all the diagnostic procedures paid for. In the meantime, he could get some antibiotics.
Get him some some pamphlets from the American Lung Association. Make him understand how serious and prevalent lung disease is.

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