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yeah, I could actually notice myself feeling a little better today. I only took one dose of pain medication, but I needed a nap. Now I feel great.

The Grossan Sinus Irrigator really opens thing up and gives the cilia in your mucous membranes a jump start. I use the saline spray, but just as a supplement during the day. With the irrigator, you get into a routine: boil 2 cups of filtered water, add a half teaspoon of pickling salt(no iodine), let cool until it's as warm as you can stand without burning your sinuses. You can do that while you're getting ready for work, and then pour that stuff into your clean Waterpik reservoir and lean over the sink and pump. Do that every day or once in the morning and evening. Then flush the system with clean fresh water and let dry until next use.
I don't know about lungs, but I would breath a couple breaths of Simply Saline just to know I was keeping things loose in my lungs and giving myself every chance to cough stuff up. During a bronchoscopy, a Pulmo will sometimes inject saline into an area he's trying to clean out.

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