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In winter 2001, my left lung collapsed 60% spontaniously for no reason, and I then had a chest tube that didnt work. I had surgery done to fix my lung. Right after that happened, in Spring of 2001, my Right lung collapsed 50% and I then had surgery done to that lung just like my left one. When my lungs collapsed i was doing nothing more then just sitting at my house.

One tuesday, 7-26-05, my right lung did the same thing again.
Went to the hospital and found out it collapsed 15% (after I had surgery already done to both lungs). Before this happened, i was having trouble taking a deep breath (and still am, worried bout this too.)

Each day my lung will heal a little bit more, because im just home resting. Im 20 years old now, i DONT smoke, im 6' 2" tall and weigh about 215. Nobody knows why this keeps happening, but I've now lost all trust in my lungs and i feel, its gonna happen again. Doctors believe the blebs keep developing in my lungs, but nobody knows. Does anybody have Idea, any chance of my left one collapsing soon again? Im quite worried to do anyting anymore....

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