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Brown Phlegm?
Oct 2, 2005
Ok well I guess I should say brown liquid. Well before I get into that. For the past few months my father has been getting sick every week. And these little bouts last for at least 2 days. He gets fevers, severe cough/ congestion(you can hear the phlegm gargling in his throat when he is asleep), extremely fatigued, confused(says things that are just absurd), forgetful, slurring words, can barely stand and isn't really responsive to much. He almost looks like some sort of stroke patient. I have to carry him to the bathroom. But these past couple days I think he has been the worst. I had to carry him to the bathroom and this brownish liquid started dripping out of his mouth(has small brown particles in it too, dry blood?). My mother and I were trying to get him to cough it up but he is so unresponsive he doesn't listen, he just kind of stands there moaning and groaning at us. Through all that he still appears to have his same stubborn sense of humor but we don't know what to do. Its about a 7 hour wait at the hospital and by that time he will probably be back to normal and the doctors won't find anything as usual. All they ever do is prescibe him with anti-biotics and send him on his way. But this keeps coming back. My gf was thinking of the possibility of perhaps some sort of mold in my house infecting him. He does use the A/C in his room a lot and there had been mold growing on the vents which we cleaned. But who knows. Does anybody have any input for me? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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