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Hi all

For the past 3-4 weeks ive had a cough that will not go away its not a bad cough just annoying because sometimes i havent got it and then about 3 days time the cough comes back, i do not cough at night and my peakflow is alrite , i dont feel out of breath or anything it all started as a cold and now im left with this cough , do i have chronic cough you reckon?

thanks all
I feel like I am an expert on allergies. Not because I want to but because I have been plagued with them since my childhood. I have always had sinus problems and when I was in my early 30's developed a severe case of bronchitis. I had a lingering cough that took forever to go away. Every winter after that I developed bronchitis really easily, usually had it about twice a year. I started allergy shots after being told I was allergic to dust mites, a variety of trees and grasses, and pet dander. I took shots for 4 years and then re-evaluated. I was shocked to learn that after all that money and time I still had allergies to everything and on top of that I had asthma! I was put on more and more medicine. Right now the only prescription med I take is Advair for my asthma. If I don't take it, I develop my cough again. The difference between you cough and mine, is that with mine I always bring up mucus. But when the allergy season is bad like in the spring, I get the dry cough too. You probably should be checked for allergies. I feel like that is the culprit.

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