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I am 26 and weigh 155 lbs. i am 5' 10".
no prior medical issues.

I had a dry cough for about 2 months now. i smoke on the weekends occansionally and drink heavily on the weekends. when the dry cough started, i had a tingly feelingin my chest. about a month later, it turned in to pressure. there is constant pressure in my chest now ( from the minute i wake up to when i sleep., also about a month after the dry cough started, i have a tight thoat and Hoarseness. i also started seeing blood in my phelm and when i blow my nose. the blood is bright red. i had a chest xray done and it came back with out any abnormalities. my dr. thinks its gerd and i have been on antacids for about 2 weeks. i have no relief as of yet. my doctor said it could take months for relief. i told my doctor about the blood and he thinks its from the sinuses. in the morning when i blow my nose, i do have dried blood coming out. i also started to have chest pains which are intermittant and last seconds. the pain is mild and dull. usually along the breast bone and near the left rib cage.

i also took a blood test, which came back normal. i also have this back pain. the pain is located at my left shoulder blade. it a sharp pain and i am almost positive it started after the chest pressure. i am not sure if the back pain is related at all

any ideas what this could be? i am very worried about this.
thanks for your time.

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