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I had the cold flu, etc the beginning of Dec 2005 which lasted about 2 1/5 weeks, but I have had this lingering, persistant cough that won't go away and I don't smoke and I am only 34. I finally went to my doc two weeks ago and he put me on an inhaler (Advair) and sent me on my way (keep in mind, no x-rays were taken). Two days later, I woke up and everytime I went to breathe, my back hurt, so I called my doc and explained my new symptoms and told him that I had not improved. He told me to go to the ER, but I didn't have the $$ to fork out, so I went to a walk-in clinic instead. That doc said I had clear lungs by listening with his stethoscope, but DID take
x-rays and said I had bronchitis and pleurisy and gave me five days of strong antiobiotics and sent me on my way. Now, here it is a week later and I am still coughing and relying on my inhaler and the cough doesn't seem to be getting better. What should I do now??


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