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This could be long My problem started last january when i was expecting my 3rd child I caught pneumonia it took me 3 months to recover since then my health had got worse every 6 weeks or so i start with a slight cough which over a period of 12 hours leaves me totaly breathless bring up lots of phlem im always admitted to hospital as my oxygen levels go down to 90% ive been put on ciprofloxacin 500mg
predenisolone 10mg
klaricid 500mg
augmentin 625 mg

flixotide 250mg
The steriods clear it up although im leaft feeling very weak for a few weeks but within 6 weeks its back again im getting no joy from the hospital as they say its a mystery im wondering if it could copd?
what do you think when im at my worst my xrays and ct scans show shadows but when im breathing well and fine it shows nothing this has had a major effect on my life as there seems no end to it last time i was in hospita was 1st dec i was in there 2 weeks last tuesday it all started again so curently on steriods and antiboitcs can anyone offer advice as im now desperate and at the end of my tether

sorry for going on

tina x

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