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Hi, yes, the one year old in my house has a heart condition and must not get sick at all. He's been in and out of hospitals for even the slightest sickness just to make sure it doesn't turn fatal for him. He almost died from "whooping cough" (sp?) a couple months ago.

My mom has autoimmune hepatitis so she must keep her immune system as healthy as possible because her Hep., could become active and kill her.

My sister (the mother of the one year old) has cervical cancer which she is in the start of fighting right now. She has a surgery in a few days for that too and also must keep her immune system as healthy as possible right now.

So, we've talked to all of their doctors and also our dogs vet about our options. I just mainly wanted to know more about this bacteria because I'd never heard of it and couldn't find anything on it but from what I saw one of you wrote, I was spelling it wrong. Thanks for letting me know the correct way to spell it. Now, I'll see what I can come up with on it. Till then, if you have any more info about it, let me know because we have to decided which rout to go by tomorrow afternoon.

My mom, sister and the babies doctors all said that we must get the dog away from them right now. Because he's so contagious right now, we've been turned down by 2 boarding houses for animals. The last thing I want to do is put my dog to sleep because to me, he's part of the family but I do need to know more about this condition because I can't put the lives of the people I live with at risk for this.

We also tried to put him in the animal hospital till he finishes his treatment for this that way he could be away from everyone here and also be taken care of in the mean time but they are full. Right now, we've all been wearing rubber gloves and hospital masks around the house till we can sterilize the house. Our vet said that we should burn everything that the dog had laid on, or used in the last month, etc. so, that includes our carpet, my bed, his bed and the sofas.

All the doctors and the vet said that this bacteria is in soil, water, fruits, etc., in very small amounts but people do not normally catch it unless they have a lowered immune system for some reason and then they are just at risk of it and it's still rare. So, how my dog ended up with this, I'll never know.
They also said that it is VERY resistand to all antibiotics and it's possible we wont be able to get rid of it even with treatment.
They're going to try giving him the antibiotic; Neomycin (spelling?), for 10 days to see if it helps.
The problem with this class of antibiotics is that you have to take very high doses for a long time to even put a dent in this bacteria and one of the antibiotics used to treat this is known to give people hepatitis.

Now, because we've all been exposed, it's possible we have it too so, we all have to go get tested which is scareyyy because of all the above info we've gotten from our doctors and the vet. They said a lung biopsy might be needed to confirm diagnosis.

I'll let everyone know how all this turns out.


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