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Kathy, you can get lots of protein bars with very high protein. The health food store has lots of protein bars that have high protein. There are several out there with even higher protein than 15. Some bars are Carb Right (21gr), Myoplex (29), Met Rx Big 100 (27), Met RX Big 100 Colossal bars (31), and MuscleTech Nitro tech bars (35). Just research protein bars on the net and you will get lots more. If your local stores don't have these bars then order them off the net because I have done that myself. Some of these bars are expensive but what isn't? I just am not a big meat eater and never have been. As for the protein drink, I have only tried 2 different flavors in 100% Whey protein but you have to mix it with ice cream or smoothies because I didn't like it with just water. I think the protein powder made with soy would be better than the Whey protein because the soy is used in protein bars.

I did contact NJ about my bloodwork. My local doc took me off the Rifabutin and my blood count came back up a little. Lori, nurse at NJ, said to come off the Rifabutin too. So now I am on only 2 drugs and I can tell I am getting worse. I started having night sweats and chest pains again. I have another CT scan 10/30 to see if that new place in my lungs is spreading. I went to NJ July 31-Aug 1. I have one area that has spread and it has spread into the lining of my lungs. Dr. Werthen will not know what it is till I have another bronchoscopy. He wanted to do another CT in 3 months to see if this spot could have cleared itsself up or spread even more. He mentioned something about me coming back to Denver for them to do the bronch. Gosh, that gets too expensive to fly out there & pay hotel bills too. I had really prefer that my Pulmonary doc do my bronch because she has been better at doing a bronch than the other 2 doctors who did the other 2 bronchs on me. Gosh, I hate bronchoscopies....YUCK. I will know if I need to have another bronch after they review the CT on 10/30. I will have to make my doc send the CT to NJ for Dr. Werthen to review to see what he thinks because I don't have a good Infectious Disease doctor here. He told me he only treated 1 or 2 healthy patients a year with MAC so he is not of any help to me with my disease. I really just listen to Dr. Werthen or my Pulmonary doc. I would switch Infectious Disease doctors but he is so well liked in this hospital that I don't think if I went to other doctors they would treat me any better. My Pulmonary doctor begs me to stay with my Infectious Disease doctor so I have.

It is so hard to find good doctors that know anything about these diseases. I have tried so many doctors here and none of them know anything enough to treat this disease so of course that is why I went to NJ. The reason I stay with my docs is because my Pulmonary doc respects my decision of going to NJ and she has a friend who is a doctor in one of the departments there. So she does know about NJ and their work. My Infectious Disease doctor does not like that I am going there because I can tell by some of his remarks he has made. I will do what is best for me and of course that is going to NJ when I have to go. It took me almost 4 months to get in to see Dr. Werthen this time around so start calling months ahead of the time you are suppose to be there for an appointment if you plan to go back to NJ.

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