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In answer to your questions. Trying to fight this thing requires the mind set that nothing is too personal if it will help! I will be 59 years young in early October. I am medium height, thin, fair complection female with a history of smoking. Up to 3 packs a day when I quit cold turkey on April Fool's day 2001 I have "a little" emphysema. I did have my pneumonia vaccine a year ago so am not yet concerned about that complication. I take azithromycin,rifampin and ethambutol as treatment. My pulmonagist had me go to an eye doctor when he started the drugs. He said he wanted a base line and that once a year I should go and have my eyes rechecked for any changes. He also sends me for a liver function blood test every so often to monitor that. He really is cautious. I had no real symptoms. The cough was due to bronchitis and cleared up easily. I gained weight instead of losing and the low grade fever I thought was just part of menopause night sweats!! The pain I had experienced that had my primary doctor send me to the cardio. no longer bothered me.(maybe I was used to it). The bronchopsy and bronco lavage cultures didn't grow anything. For almost a year my 3x a year CTScans showd no changes in the nodules. Doctor kept saying it's something but I don't know what. Last spring (April 25th 2006) a new node showed on the CTScan. I was sent for a PTScan and then for a VATSbiopsy. Two days later(June 12th) I had a preliminary diagnosis of an acid fast mycobacteria. And here I am. So far I haven't had any side effects with the drugs except the annoying orange.The eye doctor got quite a shock when he gave me eye drops and my tears were orange!!! I have lost some weight but that could be due to the summer lighter diet. Now it's just the left lung discomfort. Thanks for your concern.

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