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Thanks for the reply~~since my post, I finally did call my cardiologist, and they couldn't fit me in the same day, but the nurse on the phone suggested that I get it checked that day at the ER, so I did that. I had a chest X-ray, a CT Scan of the chest, blood work, and an EKG. Nothing was found, so that was that. He said that sometimes a clot won't show up on a Chest X-ray, which is why we did the CT scan, which didn't show anything. It still does hurt, not too bad, but it hurts when I breathe in deeply or bend over. I guess at this point, I need to follow up with my regular doctor, and go from there. After feeling relieved about my lungs, and reading up on it some more, I realized it also could be related to my gallblader or pancreas, so now I'm a little concerned about that. The cardiologist said that I needed to be seen that same day, because I guess there is some risk for me with blood clots, since I get frequent palpitations, usually PVC's. I do take an aspirin per day, but now I'm not sure if that is enough.
Anyway, thanks for the advice to get in and get it checked, I sure was nervous in the ER that day, being that my kids were in school, and I didn't know what the result would be, but it was such a relief to find out my lungs were ok. It sure can be nervewracking to do something like that by yourself, though.
Anyway, the CT scan should show it if there was a clot or a PE, right? That seemed to be what the doctor said. He seemed pretty good, so I felt comfortable. Thanks again, Val

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