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Hi, I'm a newbie to this board and this is my first time posting. I'd appreciate any insight on a condition that has plagued me off and on since 2004. I have a wheeze (if dry a squeak) in my left lung mid and upper bronchus area. It happens mainly on inspiration when my lungs are dry but when I have a viral infection (as I do now) and subsequent congestion it's very loud with fluid causing wheezing in and out. I also get pain on my left side often front and back which seems like it's right around this area. My right side is usually crystal clear and only occasionally when the left side is loud as above do I hear even the slightest wheeze.

I have a pulmonologist that I'm seeing who seems baffled about it. It doesn't help that it's intermittant and sometimes not there at all as has been the case when I see him. Other times myself and other doctors (my GP and allergist) hear the wheeze loud and clear. My allergist said it sounds like rhonci and isn't really a wheeze.

The pulmonologist has done: a ct scan (twice) over 2 years and there are no changes in a small granuloma on the left side that he swears is way too small and far from the bronchus to cause any probs. He has also done a cxr recently which showed no pneumonia. He sent me for a ct scan sinuses as well and this was normal. (he thought maybe drainage from sinuses). He has done a meth choline challenge test as well and ruled out traditional asthma. He has also ruled out bronchiectasis based on the ct scans. Also I get tb tested yearly for my job and it's always been negative.

My thoughts are adult reactive airway but wouldn't this be bilateral? I also thought maybe there was a foreign body obstruction but wouldn't that be seen on the two ct scans I've had? Could there be a stricture or something in the lining of the bronchus that they couldn't see? Also can you get broncitis on just one side?

Any new ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated. I know it's complex but I'm so tired of this rattle and vibration down there.

Tricia :confused:

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