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Some advice please
Apr 10, 2006
Hello , im the guy who went to get a 64 slice CT scan of my heart and they found a 5mm nodule on the lower lobe of my right lung. Anyway I went to a pulmonary specialist and she said that she doesn't think its anything to worry about but we need to do another CT scan in 6 months to make sure it doesn't grow. Is 6 months too long? What if it is a fast growing cancer , shouldn't I go in like 3 months or less and not take the chance? She said I have little risk factors since I never smoked nor work around asbestos or other chemicals and she looked at the film and the report and said she isn't worried about it. When the radiologist and doctor at the ct site fills out the report would they have stated it looked suspicious if it in fact was cancer or is it impossible to tell at 5mm? Are there any symptoms I should be aware of in case this is a tumor , would I feel pain there or have a bad cough , blood in saliva , black feces anything like this or something else. Sorry I am nervous about this and not getting any definitve answer kind of made it even worse.


whats really scaring me is i am developing a cough and i normally never have a cough unless I have a cold or something which i dont. Could that nodule be already affecting my lungs and making me cough?

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