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Hope someone can give me some advice here.
Being treated for GERD but my two major symptoms are nausea and difficulty in breathing. When I wake in the mornings the nausea hits first really bad and then this is quickly followed by an inability to breathe. My chest hurts a little but mostly feels like its caving in, compressed somehow. I get exhausted just walking around and have spent much of the last week in bed. I had my lungs checked by x-ray apparently normal. Doc listened to my lungs only days ago and says there is no wheeze. I am at my wits end that this is going undiagnosed as its every day and has been for some months. I am seasonal asthmatic (summer hayfever). I just feel as though I only have about a third of my lung capacity to breathe with! Bloods came back ok as did heart trace and blood sugar test. My sats were fine too.
My right lung hurts every day but I am being told thats probably acid from the GERD.

Any ideas, anyone. I am only 46 with three kids to look after. I need some air man!!!!

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